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Published: 01st August 2012
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Are you a writer of short stories? Do you manage to stitch together good to read fictional or real life stories out of your experiences?  Then what is holding you back?  Let the world know about your talent and read some of the most interesting stories that you have managed to put together. is not only a platform for you to present your talent to the world (though it is quite an effective one with many readers, experts and publishers sharing the same platform), it also lets budding short stories writers to hone their skills.  It sheds the avatar of being just a medium for writing and reading short stories online and assumes the larger role of being a social network for authors and writers.

A social network, for the writers, can be quite an effective tool to assist them in translating their talent into results.  If this is your objective too, as a story writer, then you are at the right place. will let you do so with ease.  Not only does the platform allow you to post some of your most compelling work and nerve strangling short stories online, it also allows the experts and publishers to browse through your work and comment on your articles.  Even the general readers, who go through your stories, will be in a position to comment on what they think about your work.  Do your short stories have that strength in them to catch the attention of the audience for long?  Do the readers like the stories that you write?  Are the publishers interested in the work that you have done?  What are the experts saying about your true life stories? Moreover, you have all the freedom because there are a variety of categories, under which you can upload your stories.  These categories range from adventure to bedtime to comedy.  There are over 18 such categories, under which you can post your stories.

All of this can transpire if you use the platform effectively.  Firstly, you can update your profile with all the pertinent information about you.  You can also post status updates to keep your friends and followers informed about your recent activities and experiences.  Like other social networking sites, friends can be added to your profile and they can exchange messages and chats with you.  Put differently, not only does the platform allow you to post your short stories, it also gives you the liberty to network with your readers and prospective publishers to explore avenues of association.

In short, you can get yourself into a situation from where it is relatively simple for you to hone your writing skills further by simply posting your short stories online.  Was this it?  Absolutely not.  This platform for social networking can allow you to do much more.  The comments forum for each of your stories gives you the option to comment as well.  Hence, not only do you read; you also converse - which is the prime objective of social networking.  Through the conversation, you build contacts and relations and find out if someone can be of help to you in furthering your short stories writing skills?  Is there a course that you can attend?  Or, there is an opportunity for real short stories writing that you can be fit for?  It is all there and it will definitely make you achieve your objectives.  Post your short stories online today and reap the dividends.

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